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Avoid Home Clutter with These Organising Don’ts

21st December 2017   /    Advice and News   /    Comments Off on Avoid Home Clutter with These Organising Don’ts

Have you ever wondered why your home fills up with clutter shortly after you have done a major purging? If you are tired of dealing with the endless mess in your house, you can rely on moderately priced domestic clearance services in London or to learn to stop making some basic home organisational mistakes. The latter part may surprise you, especially if you see yourself as a meticulous, disciplined and organised person. But just like many other people, you too are probably not familiar with the main organising don’ts that will help you keep your home:

  • tidy and neat for a long time;
  • ready for visitors at any given moment;
  • free of any unnecessary dust-collectors;

Do not worry about these changes because you will easily get used to them. That is because they are small but surprisingly effective.

Don’t welcome guests with a messy hall

For a good first impression and for setting a general tone of a perfectly organised house in the entire property, keep your hall free of clutter. Do not store all of your jackets and shoes there but only those you are wearing during the current season. Also, invest in a door entry organiser so that you can keep all of the mail in one place and to find your keys easily.

Don’t put everything on display

There is nothing wrong with being an avid reader or a proud owner of a large DVD collection. However, there really is no need for you to fill up your shelves to the brim. Showcase only the items that are yet to use or which are your all-time favourites. For example, put the books which you have not read yet and those that you love the most on your bookshelf. The rest, you can store away.

Don’t clear out the things you use daily

An organised kitchenThe other organisational mistake you probably make is keeping your home too organised. While it is important to keep your countertops clear of any junk, you should not clear out the items that you use on a daily basis. Let’s say, for instance, that you use your hand blender every morning. Putting it away in some hard-to-reach drawer won’t be a good solution since you will end up taking it out again on the next day.

Don’t cover the fridge with mementoes

If your fridge is covered with magnets, notes or recipes, your kitchen will always look messier than it actually is. Home appliances were not made to be used as a message board or a memories museum. It would be better if you buy a stylish kitchen chalkboard or a magnet panel and hang it close to some corner. In that way, your daily family correspondence or your magnet obsession will not be the central piece in your kitchen.

Don’t forget to label everything

Putting labels on the food boxes in your fridge or on the storage bins in your closet will not only help you find the things you are looking for easily but it will also remind you to stay organised. This is a very simple trick but it will enable you to deal with some of your clutter problems.

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