Bamboo – An Eco-Friendly Home’s Best Friend

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Leading a sustainable and green lifestyle is not easy. You need to recycle, upcycle, reuse, compost and even if you do all of these things properly, your eco-friendly way of living will still have a negative footprint on the global environment. Many of the household items we use, for instance, are anything but green. But there is one fantastic material that has now emerged as a real game changer – bamboo. It is:

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Cheap and quick to produce
  • Home to many endangered species
  • Versatile

What makes bamboo so environmentally friendly?

Almost everything about this incredible plant screams “eco-friendly!” As a start, products made from bamboo can be easily and quickly recycled. But even if many of them fail to reach a recycling facility, they still will not pose a threat to the environment or the health of humans and animals. So, if you use a quality skip hire service in London and you accidentally toss some unwanted bamboo-made items in the skip container, do not be alarmed because it will gradually biodegrade without emitting any dangerous gases into the soil or the atmosphere.

Even the plant itself is of high environmental value. It is the natural habits of many endangered animals among which are pandas. Also, bamboos are twice more effective at reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to trees and they even produce more oxygen than them. And let’s not forget the fact that these plants can grow by nearly 1 metre per day. So, producing this green material is easy and super-fast.

Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items

Bamboo can easily qualify as one of the most versatile environmentally friendly materials on the planet. It can be used for the making of everything from chopping boards, furniture pieces and toothbrushes to toilet paper, towels and grocery bags. Those may come at a higher price than their easy-to-find, non-green alternatives but they are reusable and more durable. Therefore, the investment will be worth your money.

Other benefits of bamboo-based products

Well, we already mentioned one of the additional advantages offered by bamboo-based products – their impressive sturdiness and durability. That may not be very obvious at first sight because this is a material that is surprisingly light. Nevertheless, it can withstand the test of time and the forces of nature. That is why there are entire home built from bamboo today. Most items made from bamboo are also extremely health-friendly because they do not contain any chemicals and toxins. That makes them very reusable.

Not all bamboo items are equal though

Before you buy any bamboo item, read the label carefully. Some manufacturers add adhesives to their products and they can be toxic. Also, a great part of the textile items made from this plant also feature cellulose and often need to be bleached and purified with aggressive chemicals before hitting the shelves. So, if you want to fill up your home with eco-friendly bamboo products, look for such that are Oeko-Tex certified, chemical-free and manufactured by leading companies that have been recognised for their green production methods and high environmental standards.

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