The Cleanest Boroughs of London

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London is a huge city with millions of people living and working in it. Despite the fact that the capital has the highest percentage of open green spaces within its territory in comparison with any other big city in Europe, pollution is among the most serious problems that local councils and residents of the metropolitan area face. So, the question “which are the cleanest boroughs in London” is actually pretty relevant? So, here they are.


HackneyHackney has been known as being among the least polluted London boroughs for over a decade now. The reasons for that are many, but the two main are that the local councils’ rubbish removal policies and practices are pretty strong, and the fact that the majority of local residents prefers to travel by bicycle instead of car. Car fumes contribute greatly to the city’s pollution so Hackney is one step ahead of many other places in the capital at the present moment. Additionally, Hackney is home to a number of great open green spaces, including but not limited to the celebrated:

  • Abney Park Cemetery – one of the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries in London
  • Clapton Common
  • Clissold Park
  • Hackney Downs
  • Hackney Marshes
  • Haggerston Park
  • London Fields
  • South and North Millfields
  • Shoreditch Park
  • Springfield Park
  • Stoke Newington Common
  • Victoria Park
  • Well Street Common


The borough of Croydon is known for being one of the best places to live in London as of today. There are many reasons for that of course, but what makes Croydon one of the cleanest places in the metropolis is the fact that there is a zero-tolerance policy towards littering here. Fines against littering here are much higher than other places in the capital – they run up to 50 000 GBP. Much money is invested into improving the waste collection, disposal and recycling here too. This, matched with the fact that Croydon enjoys a booming local commercial scene as well as great public transport connections to Inner London make it so attractive to potential residents.


Another clean and hundred percent eco-friendly borough of London is Wandsworth. What it makes it stand out from the other two mentions in our text here is the fact that Wandsworth is actually located in Inner London – so the fact that local authorities manage to keep it clean and tidy is even more impressive. For several years in a row Wandsworth has won the prize of having the cleanest streets in Inner London. Air here is also known for being some 30% cleaner than any other places within the central parts of the capital. The annual budget for street cleaning of Wandsworth borough council was the impression four million pounds in 2014. Control on commercial premises is also much tighter here. Local businesses are to expect inspections on their premises at any time. Those regulations might sound like a lot of headache, but the truth is that the practical effects are more than visible.

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