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Common Waste Disposal Mistakes We All Make

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Disposing of domestic, office, construction and any other type of waste is no joke. There are some strict rules that have to be followed but, unfortunately, most of us do not seem to be aware of that fact. The negative consequences of such mistakes can be unpleasant not only because the UK government imposes hefty fines on everyone who fails to dispose of their rubbish in accordance with all regulations and standards but also because it is dangerous for your health and that of many other people, as well as for the environment. Some of the most popular mistakes when it comes to waste disposal include:

  • Not recognising the danger of hazardous waste
  • Collection and disposal of rubbish without professional help
  • Using the services of poorly prepared junk removal firms

Treating hazardous waste like regular waste

Waste in a basketEven if have experience in planning and carrying out rubbish disposal jobs, there is one special category of waste you should never try to handle yourself – hazardous waste. By law, you are not allowed to dispose of dangerous junk without adequate assistance. This means that you should hire a team of licensed pros if you want to get rid of hazardous waste. However, not all junk collection businesses in the United Kingdom are allowed to provide this type of service. In most of the cases, you should contact your local council and discuss your rubbish removal options. Hazardous waste includes things like pesticides, batteries, asbestos, solvents, chemicals, non-edible oils, refrigerators and other appliances that have ODSs (ozone depleting substances), as well as containers used for storage of any of the above-mentioned dangerous junk categories.

Dealing with waste on your own

Even if your waste is not classified as hazardous, removing it and disposing of it all by yourself is risky. If you fail to collect the rubbish properly, you will expose yourself to many dangers, especially in situations in which you are dealing with bulky and heavy unwanted items or with construction waste. Also, if you don’t dispose of the rubbish you have collected adequately, you will contribute to the pollution of the local environment. That is why it is important to hire a qualified and certified team of rubbish collectors. They are better equipped and more experienced than you. Plus, they will be able to complete the junk clearance job faster than you. So, even though such professional solutions cost money, what you will get in return is always worth the price.

Cheap does not always mean good

Research the waste collection team you are planning to hire well before you book them. Not all professional rubbish removal companies have eco-friendly company policies, especially those that offer dirt-cheap services. Also, some businesses in this industry do not even bother recycling the recyclable items they collect and they simply toss them on some landfill. Therefore, ask the firm you are looking to hire whether they work with registered junk depots in the area and whether they have a contract with modern recycling facilities. Reliable waste collection companies charge more because they offer better quality.

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