After Construction Clearance In London

Disposing of all the waste generated during a major renovation, construction or a demolition project is not something you should do on your own. The good news is that Rubbish Go Away offers professional after construction rubbish disposal in London at a low price.

We collect various types of waste

Our team is well-trained and is equipped with the most reliable and modern rubbish removal tools and trucks possible. Our lorries comes in various sizes and suit jobs of any proportion and scope. We will help you get rid of anything from wood, plaster and metal materials to concrete and drywall waste. The professionals we employ work in a speedy manner and will be out of your way before you know it. Rubbish Go Away’s services are safety and health accredited and we do not expose our customers to any health threats. All of the debris we collect are disposed in an eco-friendly way and only in designated areas and facilities in London.

We charge our customers very reasonably

Construction WasteBefore we come and clear the waste from your property, we will send a team of experts to inspect the site and discuss the details of the project with you. That will help our staff to better evaluate the character of the job and, most importantly, to precisely calculate your after construction clearance costs. Our pricing is incredibly cheap and it greatly depends on the weight, size, type and material of the waste that needs to be collected. With us, there are no hidden costs and surcharges.

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