Construction Waste Removal Tips

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Construction waste is a tough category of waste to deal with. Its disposal often requires specialised assistance, equipment, preparation and training. What is more, in some cases, this type of junk is not welcomed at your local landfill. Therefore, you will need to stick to a certain set of rules and tips if you need to deal with waste that has been produced during:

  • A refurbishment
  • A construction job
  • An excavation
  • A site clearance
  • A demolition
  • A renovation

Be accurate in your estimates

The best way to handle construction waste if you minimise it. To make that possible, you will need to accurately estimate the amount of construction materials you will need. Use the help of professionals if you have to unless you don’t want to end up with a pile of unused bricks in your backyard or a numerous paint cans in your garage. In that way, there will be fewer leftovers to worry about.

Reuse to reduce

If you are planning to do some demotion works before you get to your actual renovation or refurbishment project, consider reusing as much of the old construction materials you have as you can. For instance, you can make a nice rustic-looking table for your kitchen from old floor or staircase boards. By doing so, you will not only cut down the amount of waste you will need to get rid of later, you will also save money on your renovation. Plus, this strategy is incredibly eco-friendly.

Contact the nearest recycling facility

When you can’t think of ways in which you can put your old construction materials into good use again, get in touch with a local recycling facility. See if they are willing to take your waste (because not all such companies are qualified and licensed to do that). Do not chuck your after builders junk into your bin. Do the planet a favour by recycling your waste.

Hire a skip

Consider having a skip on your construction site. That will enable you to set aside all the construction waste and get it out of your way. Why is that necessary? Because by doing so you will be less likely to injure yourself and you will be able to work in a less cluttered and more organised environment. In addition to that, by hiring a skip, you will speed up the collection of the waste.

Use professional after construction clearance services

The smartest and safest way in which you dispose of your after builders waste is if you leave skilled and trained pros to do that for you. Use an efficient construction clearance service in London and you will get assistance from experienced and qualified construction waste collectors. Compared to other rubbish collecting pros out there, these ones have received additional training and specialise namely in the risk-free handling, collection and disposal of after builders rubbish. They can also sort through your waste and send all recyclable materials to a nearby recycling facility, making this process and life in general a lot easier for you.

Pay special attention to hazardous waste

If you need to dispose of things such as paint thinners, aerosol cans, lead-containing materials, oil-based paint, mercury-containing lamps and light bulbs, PCB-containing light ballasts and other hazardous waste, you may need to contact your local council. That is because not many professional rubbish removal companies are allowed to deal with hazardous construction waste.

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