Declutter Your Office Once and For All

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If you and your team are always up to your necks in work, your office has probably turned into a clutter paradise. Even if you do not work directly with clients, you will still need to take care of that mess. Working in a clutter-friendly environment can be very counter-productive. Mess can be distracting and, plus, you will constantly end up losing important documents in that chaos. Let’s not also forget the fact that a well-organised office will enable you to look and feel more professional. The problem is how to declutter your workspace and to keep it that way. That may sound like an impossible feat but you can make it happen if you:

  • Do some decluttering and cleaning up every week;

  • Add some hidden storage in the office;

  • Think like a minimalist;

And if all of that fails, you should probably consider getting a large office. Your businesses may have outgrown your workplace without you even realising it.

Put it all in a box

When your office is a mess, it can be hard to decide where to start the decluttering process. Our advice is to first call a reliable commercial clearance company in London. They will provide you with some professional assistance, special equipment and maybe even some valuable tips. Next, get a big cardboard box and put everything that seems out of place in it. That can be old newspapers, paperclips, random files that have not been properly sorted and categorised. Put it all in the box and then go through it to see which ones should go in the bin and which ones should stay. Find an appropriate place for the items you choose to keep and by that we mean drawers, filing cabinets, organisers boxes and etc. and not your desk or the desk of your co-worker.

Add more storage options

One of the most effective ways to take control over your office clutter is to use storage. Hidden storage furniture, shelves, cabinets… there are many ways in which you can organise your office clutter. If you can, you can also make add an entire storage room to your office space.

Make it a weekly thing

Clutter and chaos will keep coming back to your office even if you are working with a small team of people and you are using a really smart organising strategy. So, the only way to maintain your workspace clean, neat and presentable is if you declutter your office every week. That’s right – every single week! This may sound like a lot of work to you but in reality, if you stick to this weekly routine, this process will not take you more than 15 minutes. If, however, you decide against it, you will be forced to close the office for a full day every few months to put it all back in order.

Maybe you need a bigger workspace

Have you thought about moving into a bigger office? Maybe you should, especially if neither of the above-mentioned tips has managed to help you declutter our workspace. Sometimes that is the only right solution.

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