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Free Ways to Reduce Waste

1st April 2018   /    Advice and News   /    Comments Off on Free Ways to Reduce Waste

Reducing waste should be something all of us need to think about every day. And of course, take some action. There are many ways we can do our share and some of them are easy and free.

Here are few tips on how to reduce waste for free, with a little effort.

Stop using disposable and plastic items

You can easily reduce the waste by stop buying and using disposable napkins, plastic utensils, plastic bags, straws and other disposable items. Not only it is free, but you will also save money if you stop buying items you will throw away after a single usage. You will prevent the waste and feel good about that.

Start cooking at home

Another great and free way to reduce waste is to prepare your meals and drinks at home. This prevents usage of plastic containers and utensils. Instead, you can use real dishware and utensils. Plus, you will eat healthier food and save money because takeout food is a bit of expensive.

Stop buying bottled water

If you buy bottled water, you should stop. Instead, use reusable water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. You will automatically reduce waste and save money as well. There is nothing wrong with tap water.

Use homemade cleaners

Did you know that you have ingredients of some of the most efficient cleaning solutions in your pantry? You can replace commercial products with homemade ones. Use baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and other products to make your own cleaners. There are many free recipes for making them. Zero waste and you save money too.

Buy less clothes

Buying unnecessary pieces of clothes is not only expensive but it is also wasteful. Just think about how many clothes you have and whether you really need to buy that sweater or those trousers. Take out everything from the closet and try to combine new outfits. You can repair some of it and reuse it and recycle what you consider should be recycled.

Stop using plastic grocery bags

Every time you go shopping for groceries you use plastic bags. Plastic bags are a big environmental problem and they should be banned. But, until that happens, you can use cloth bags and other bags that can be reused.

Replace paper towels with reusable rags and towels

Buying paper towels is a waste of money. And not to mention that production of it requires and wastes a lot of trees, water, energy, etc. Instead of using paper towels, use dish towels and dish rags for wiping the mess. You can use your old t-shirts or any other clothes made of cotton as rags. You can wash them and reuse them many times.

Recycle or compost your trash

You can reduce waste for free by recycling or composting your garbage. Pay attention to what you throw away and make sure you compost the food and recycle recyclable items. It’s an excellent altrnative to dealing with large amounts of waste, that sometimes even include hiring a skip in London. Remember, this is the right and easy way to become more aware of environment and the problems related to waste management.

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