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Mental challenges related to accepting environmental issues

26th February 2018   /    Advice and News   /    Comments Off on Mental challenges related to accepting environmental issues

The nature gives what the nature receives. Unfortunately, we witness a number of environmental threats that are scary and sad at the same time. However, instead of feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed, we have to do everything we can to become motivated instead, and try to make a contribution to making our environment eco-friendlier. But how to achieve this?

The fact is that we have more information than ever about pollutants, waste, recycling and all those eco-friendly topics and issues, but somehow we choose to put this information in the back of our mind and choose not to act. We have mental challenges we have to face. There are ways to face the reality and try to become greener.

Face the truth and your emotions

You can start with facing the truth and realizing what you are feeling. Global warming makes you feel anxious or concerned. Pollution makes you angry and sensitive. We are swamped in all kinds of waste and it makes you frustrated. It is fine to feel all these feelings even if you don’t do anything about them right now. This doesn’t mean you will give up but rather that you recognized the problem and need time to face your feelings.

You are who you are

Once you realize and face your feelings, it is important to accept them whatever they are. It is who you are and there is no need to change even if you are different from people around you. Perhaps some of your friends are more environmentally aware than you, but this doesn’t mean that you are not. It is just that we all act differently and some need a little push. This is exactly why we need to communicate with individuals who feel the same. People who think alike and have similar points of view feel supported and important. And they are more likely to take action and make contribution.

What makes you green?

Green homeWe all have different personalities and we rather have different lives and habits. The goal is to recognize your gifts and what you can do to make the difference. There are so many ways to contribute and people choose different ways to make their contribution. This is personal but each and every one of us can find a way to take action relying on what they do best. And once you do recognize your interests and your skills, don’t stop there. Perhaps it will seem like it will not count because who are you and your actions in comparison to enormous environmental issue, right? Well, no. This is exactly what we must not do: underestimate our power. No matter how small it is, it still counts and it always will.

Think locally, act globally

No matter how small your change might seem to you, it counts. You are ready to accept this now and it is time to get out of your comfort zone by thinking locally (baby steps) so that your action will have an influence on a global level. This is a healthy thinking when trying to make a change and help save our planet.

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