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Renewable energy technologies to keep a track of this year

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Sustainable technologies are developing rapidly in the past decades. New advances are made literally every year. And while green living is a responsibility of every one of us – sustainable practices have the best effect when they are applied in individual households in things such as waste management, recycling and household energy consumption – it is never damaging to keep an eye on the big picture too. So, here they are – some exciting trends that will mark the future of technology for sure.


While drones are enjoying quite the attention of the general public in the past couple of years, the most important development in their technology and applications are marked by the intentions of the space-exploration industry to utilise them for the purposes of project development, which is said to considerably bring down the costs of such endeavours. We all known what reducing the costs means – less resources and time being wasted, which cannot be sustainable, right?

Renewable jet fuel

People travel by air more today than in any previous period of history. Low cost lines in Europe have made flying accessible to a wide audience, which naturally brings in some concerns about the damage being caused to the environment as a result. So it was a matter of time until looking into renewable jet fuel became a thing. Major airlines in the United States and Europe have made the commitment to begin research and experiments in that respect. The international agreement between governments on the global market-based measure for international aviation made in October was another important step in that direction.

Energy Storage

Renewable energyThe excessive production of energy, meaning that more energy being produced than the demand for it existed was a big issue of the 20th century, mainly because there was not a viable option for storage of the surplus in question. 2016 was the year when some major advances in the field were made, and we are more than certain that the research is going to continue in 2017 too. Both the US and the UK have made long-term commitments starting this year to restructure their energy markets so that the needs for energy storage are met in an adequate and actually efficient manner.

Big-time corporate winners

Quite naturally, global corporations such as Tesla and Google are the trendsetters in the field of renewable energy and sustainable living. We all know about Elon Musk’s efforts to make electric cars accessible to the general public. At the same time, this April Google, Apple and Microsoft formed a sort of alliance that aims at focusing all their individual policies and efforts into renewable energy, which is to be expected to bring in results faster and of a better quality too.


The most populous and one of the most polluted counties in the world is making huge steps into introducing renewable energy on their markets. This is obviously going to make a great difference, having in mind the scale at which solar panel-produced energy was being introduced on the subcontinent in the past year. The trend is expected to increase even further in 2017.

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