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Why reuse construction materials

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Did you know that you can recycle construction materials instead of throwing then away? Researches show that builder’s rubbish amounts for a large portion of the generated garbage in the United Kingdom. This means that the more construction materials are being reused the greater financial gains you will benefit from and vice versa. So, if the idea of recycling builder’s waste sounds appealing to you, keep reading because we will give some pointers on how you can reuse such materials.

The first thing that you must learn is which types of materials are reusable. Such products are:

  • Masonry – Larger pieces of masonry can be used during future construction projects while smaller pieces can be crushed and use for the creation of road bases.
  • Appliances and lighting fixtures – If in working condition these items can be easily refitted.
  • Lumber and wood materials – Just like with masonry, larger pieces of lumber and wood can be used in future building jobs while smaller pieces can be converted into biomass fuel or mulch.
  • Metal features – Well-preserved architectural elements can be reused in new construction while damaged metal features are often melted and used for the creation of new elements.
  • Cardboard and paper features – These items after often reprocessed and used for the making of pulping.
  • Windows, doors and roofing – Once again condition will determined whether these features will be refitted elsewhere or taking to pieces and reused for the creation of other building materials.
  • Plants and trees – If replanting isn’t an option, they can be used for the making of biomass fuel

Tip 1: Opt to for deconstruction instead of demolishment

Construction materialsThe only way you can salvage and collect the above mentioned construction materials is to carefully dismantle them from the property that you will be taking down. This means that you shouldn’t grab a sledgehammer and commence demolishing the edifice that you are working on. While the process of deconstruction may be more time consuming it will certainly say you a lot of money as you may end up reusing the same building products that you carefully amassed.

Tip 2: Don’t be hesitant to reuse old construction materials for new buildings

It doesn’t matter whether you will be building a garden shed or an entire house because you can carry out both projects by using recycled construction materials. If you are worried about the structural integrity of the structure that you are building, keep in mind that reusable construction materials are always reevaluated by professionals.

Tip 3: Remember that not everything is reusable

Not all construction materials are recyclable. So, as soon as you take down an edifice, contact licensed contractors who provide after construction rubbish removals in London and have them collect and dispose of all non-reusable items.

Tip 4: Sell the gathered materials

If you aren’t planning on building a new structure, know that you can always sell the collected construction materials to your local recycling centre. This way you can make some good money which you can use for future projects of yours. Keep in mind that some construction materials tend to maintain an extremely high value despite the fact that they have been used.

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