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Skip Hire Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

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Hiring a skip is a common practice whenever people want to get rid of a large amount of waste from their home, office, garage, garden and etc. Many people prefer this method over booking an entire team of waste collectors because it is:

  • More eco-friendly
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Affordable and secure
  • Fast and hassle-free

But if you are planning to use a reliable skip hire service in London, know what is required from of you so that you can avoid some of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a skip.

Hiring a skip that is too big or too small

Yellow skipOne of the greatest things about local skip hire services is that they enable the client to choose the size of the skip that they want to hire. That can be incredibly convenient but only if you know exactly what size of skip you will need. This means that you will first need to go through all of the rubbish of which you want to dispose and try to estimate whether you will need a small, medium, large or extra-large skip. To avoid making any calculation mistakes ask the removal company for assistance. Many waste collection firms organise on-site inspections through which they can determine the scale of the junk removal job.

Blocked access

Keep the access to your property and the area around it unblocked. Otherwise, the rubbish removal company may not be able to deliver the skip and will be forced to postpone that task for another day. Unfortunately, that means more unnecessary costs for you. So, do your best to allow easy passage of the skip loader truck.

Forgetting to consider the public road requirements

Skip loader truckIf you are planning to ask the junk clearance company to drop the skip on a public road, you must first obtain a special permit. Depending on the traffic on the road and your local council, this must be done a few days or even weeks in advance. Without a permit, you will be heavily fined. Also, don’t forget to use the special lights and markings when the skip you are loading is on a public road. Once again, the fines are very high for those who fail to comply with that rule. Every council has different light and marking requirements. It is worth asking the skip hire company you are planning to use for any advice as they will certainly have plenty of experience with such matters.

Throwing hazardous waste in the skip

Just like a rubbish removal services, skip hire cannot be used for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste. Refrigerators, batteries, tyres, car oils, solvents and pesticides are only a few of the things you are not allowed to put in a skip. That is because not all junk collection businesses are licensed to handle hazardous waste. Most administrative centres in the country have chosen to handle that responsible matter themselves by using the assistance of specialised agencies and departments.

As long as you avoid these skip hire mistakes, your waste collection experience will be hassle-free, quick and effective.

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