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Things You Should Clear Out of Your Garage

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Finding the strength to declutter your messy garage often proves to be an incredible challenge. But there is one amazing strategy that will motivate you to clear out that part of your property. In fact, it is not even a strategy but rather a small piece of valuable information – namely, that many of the stuff you keep in your garage should be never stored there because they can:

  • Get damaged
  • Cause accidents
  • Contaminate your garage
  • Increase your electricity bill

To the surprise and dismay of many homeowners, garages are one of the least suitable places in a house which you can use for long-term storage. Every item that you keep there is exposed to rapid temperature fluctuations, high humidity, almost no sunlight exposure and poor ventilation.

Fridges or freezers

When set in a cluttered or hot environment, refrigerators will work extra hard to keep the food and the drinks you keep in them cold. As a result, you will get a hefty energy bill at the end of the month. Therefore, if your garage is filled with junk, you should avoid putting a fridge or a freezer there. Even if you maintain it neatly organised, you should still find a different spot for this type domestic appliances since during the summer the temperature in the garage can be dangerously high.

Other electronic goods and appliances

Not only refrigerators should be kept outside of the garage. Most electronic items and home appliances can get damaged by the always changing temperature and humidity levels in it. That is particularly the case with flat-screen TVs, laptops and air-conditioning units.

Hazardous items

Items from a garage saleStoring hazardous items such as gas bottles, paint or propane tanks in a garage is not unusual but it is a huge mistake which may cost you your life. Hazardous items are not only toxic and potentially bad for the health of both humans and animals but they also pose a fire hazard.

There are many other items that must never be stored in the garage, including clothes and wooden furniture. Simply said, you must keep this part of the property as clutter-free and organised as possible to avoid accidents and terrible surprises. But don’t declutter your garage alone as that too can be dangerous. Instead, use professional garage waste disposal services in London to safely clear all the junk out of there.


Neither fresh nor canned food has a place in your garage. Once again, the problem lies in the humidity and temperature fluctuations. In addition to that, food can attract all kinds of pests to your house. So, you should clear it out of garage unless you want to deal with a rodent or an insect infestation later.

Photo albums and paintings

Works of art and anything made of paper also needs to be taken out of the garage. Books, documents and paintings can be completely destroyed by mould, mildew or even by the lack of decent vent system. The same applies to items you use for physical and digital storage like photo albums, CDs or vinyl records.

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