Tricks That Will Help You Cut Down Skip Hire Expenses

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One of the most popular types of professional rubbish removal solutions of which private clients can take advantage are skip hire services. Compared to organised domestic clearance in London, they can be more affordable since the customer books only a skip and not an entire team of waste collection specialists. With a few more tricks up your sleeve, you can even push your costs further down. The best money-saving strategies you can use when hiring a skip include:

  • Maintaining a clutter-free home at all times
  • Booking in advance
  • Picking the right skip size for your needs
  • Obtaining a skip permit
  • Taking your unwanted items apart before you throw them away

Do all five of these things and your rubbish removal costs are guaranteed to head south.

Turn decluttering into a habit

As an experienced waste collection company, we can tell you that one of the most common reasons why people end up calling certified junk collection experts is because they have not decluttered their home in a long time. So when they finally gather the courage to do this, they realise that they will need much more than a couple of large bin bags. If you make it your habit to purge your house or flat of unwanted items two times a year, a couple of bin bags may be all you will need.

Be an early bird

Just like it is with nearly all kinds of services, the longer you wait to book them, the higher the end price will be. Therefore, the second you decide that you want to hire a skip, start researching your options. When you find the right company, call and ask for a quote instead of doing that in the very last minute.

Realise that skip size matters

The bigger the skip the more you will pay. So, be extra careful with your choice of a skip size. Nevertheless, try to be realistic too. Do not go for the smallest option in hopes that this will reduce your costs. It may have the exact opposite effect because if you overfill the container, you will be required to pay extra or you may even be fined.

Get a skip license

Consider whether you will need a skip permit. If you can fit a skip within the limits of your property (in your backyard, garden, etc.), then you will not be required to get such a license. However, if you plan on placing it on a public road or a pavement, you will need to reach to your local council and ask to get one. Failing to do so may lead to a fine of up to £1,000!

Take things apart before tossing them in the skip

To fully utilise the full capacity of a skip, it is advisable to tear apart and disassemble bulkier items such as furniture, cardboard boxes, etc. Still, do not try to thread or jump on the stuff you put in the container in an effort to make more room in it. That can easily result in an injury.

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