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Upgrades that will change the quality of life in your home

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Technological progress affects every area of our lives. This is why we decided to turn your attention towards several contemporary house upgrades that will certainly improve the comfort levels of your household.

Temperature control sheets

Do you hate it when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to close a window because you are getting chilly? If you do, then temperature control sheets are the ideal solution for your conundrum. These high-tech bed linens contain miniscule absorbent capsules that engross the heat emitted from your body and release it when the temperature of the room gets colder than normal.

Remote control light bulbs

Remote control light bulbs are amazing pieces of technology that will permit you to lower your electricity bill, especially if you have the bad habit of forgetting your lights on when you are not at home. These light bulbs can be pre-programmed to turn on and off at a specific time. They can also be controlled via an application on your smartphone, just in case you do not like returning to a dark household. Furthermore, there are currently remote control light bulbs, which can change their colours if you desire it.

Soft-closing hinges and slides

Kitchen cabinets tend to have capricious maintenance and slamming their doors and drawers does not make the job easier. You can solve this unpleasant issue by replacing tradition hinges and slides with their soft-closing counterparts. The hardware is affordable and can be install in less than an hour in dependence of your kitchen’s size.

Bacteria killing tiles

You can prevent the formation of mildew and bacteria build-ups in your bathroom by placing bacterial killing tiles. These floor covers have titanium-dioxide coating that instantly dissolve pollutants. They also have antimicrobial metals that eliminate germs and bacteria. Replacing your current tiles will certainly generate a significant amount of garbage that you will have to clear before you can enjoy your new bathroom. You can easily take care of this daunting task by delegating the execution of your post-construction domestic clearance in London to the professionals from Rubbish Go Away.

Wireless air conditioning control

Air ConditionerWireless air conditioning units are extremely expensive. Nevertheless, there is a way to still be able to control your A/C via internet. You just have to mount a wireless air conditioning control system that will send infrared signals to your unit, therefore allow you to turn it on, and off as you see fit. Keep in mind that some control systems support geofencing that will automatically turn on your A/C when you enter into the room and turn it off when you leave it.

Multifunctional wall socket

This small feature will allow you to get rid of tangled electrical cords and bulky chargers that hog your outlets. It comprises of traditional electrical sockets and USB plugs which you can use simultaneously. Or said in other words, you will be able to charge your tablet while ironing your clothes. So, stop wasting time and mount these outlets throughout your home.

Purifying hardwood floors

These eco-friendly hardwood floor covers have a photocatalytic titanium-dioxide coating that works like a plant and purifies the pollutants that are in your indoor air. Bear in mind that studies have proven that interior air is much more hazardous than outdoor air.

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