What Should You Do with Your E-waste?

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If you have any broken gadgets and electronic appliances or simply devices which you no longer find the need or the desire to use, you should be very careful about the way you deal with them. There is little point in keeping them since, as time goes by and as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, they will simply become obsolete. But don’t throw them in the bin along with your everyday home rubbish. E-waste is a serious problem when it is not disposed of or handled properly. The facts also prove it:

  • 7 tonnes of electronic waste are generated every year;
  • The value of the raw materials used in the e-waste generated annually is worth more than £48 million;
  • Only 20% of the global e-waste is recycled;
  • By 2021, the global population is predicted to generate more than 52 million metric tonnes of electronic waste per year;

Be a responsible citizen of the planet and deal with your e-waste the right way.

Four basic options to choose from

E-wasteSo, what should you do with an old cell phone, a cracked flat-screen TV or with any other electronic device which is doing nothing but collecting dust in your home? The first option you have is to sell it. Even if the gadget is not functioning properly, you can still sell it in parts. Option number two would be to give it away or to donate your unwanted electronic devices. If you have a tablet which you are not using, you can give it to your local library or to a school in your neighbourhood. You will not make any money out of it but you will at least give back to the community and let your gadget serve its purpose. Some manufacturers or stores also encourage their customers to return their old devices to them. In exchange, they can even offer you a small financial reward. The last thing you can do is to simply dispose of your e-waste by hiring a reliable rubbish removal company. If you use one of the two final options, the chance of having your e-waste recycled will be greater.

When is it worth calling the pros

Insured domestic clearance services in London are a great solution when you want to get rid of your old gadgets. However, they cost money which is why you are probably wondering whether it is even worth contacting professional rubbish collectors at first place. So, when is it a good idea to get licensed assistance for your e-waste situation? The answer may surprise you – always. Even if all you are planning to throw away is a microwave, it is still advisable to rely on a vetted team of waste collectors. That is not only because electronic waste is extremely harmful to the environment but also because it can be dangerous when handled by inexperienced and untrained hands.

Dealing with e-waste is not very fun which is why you should do your best to minimise it by taking good care of your electronic devices and by investing in eco-friendly electronics.

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