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How to winterise a house effectively

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When summer is gone and autumn is passing by rapidly, it only means that you should start winterising your house for the upcoming cold months. If you have never prepared your household for the winter, have no worried and keep reading because we will present to you an interesting and helpful tutorial.

Clean the gutters

Man cleaning guttersAfter fall, your gutters will be clogged with leaves and broken branches. Removing the debris will mean that rain and melted snow will be able to drain properly and therefore the risk for unwanted leaks will be eliminated. Simply, put up a ladder, grab a bucket and clean your guttering by hand. Then take a hose and rinse your gutters to remove any residual dirt. While you are cleaning the guttering, turn attention to their condition and if necessary replace or repair any damaged gutters.

Always make sure that your furnace is in optimal working condition

Check your HVAC system

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will allow you to be warm during the colder days of the years. This is why, it is of imperative importance that your furnace and vents function efficiently. So, before you turn it on, you must carry out the following tasks:

If everything checks out, you can turn on your furnace at any time that you desire and have the peace of mind that you will be spending a warm winter. On the other hand, if you notice any problems, you should repair them or have them fixed by professional contractors before the arrival of winter.

Examine your pipes

Connected pipes with an on-off valveTurn off the main water valve and conduct a detailed inspection of your piping. Look for rust spots, cracks and links where the seal has started failing. Mark all problematic areas and fix them as soon as you can. Pipes are very vulnerable during the colder months as water may freeze within them and this may result into bursts and irreparable damages.

Remove all rubbish from your home

You should not spend the winter surrounded by garbage and items that you do not need for a myriad of reasons. Contact licensed technicians such as Rubbish Go Away and take advantage of their high quality domestic clearance services in London. This way you will not have to do any of the heavy lifting but you will manage to provide for yourself and your family a junk-free household.

Warm winter, smaller bills with properly sealed windows

Reseal the windows

Studies show that compromised windows are the number one reason for heat loss during the winter. Check the window trims and frames thoroughly and seal any holes or cracks that you find. This will allow you to keep the heated air indoors and the cold air outdoors. Reseal the windows will not only results into a warm and cosy winter for you but it will also reduce your electricity bills, as you will need less energy to properly heat your household.

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